JJ's 5th Yahrzeit, 5768 --- 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

Wednesday evening and Thursday, the 8th Tishrei, will be the fifth yahrzeit of JJ, Z"L. We will be going up to JJ's kever at 5:45pm on Wednesday, September 19th, at the Har Tamir section on Har Hamenuchot in Jerusalem. We welcome you to join us.
Directions to his grave are attached and below.

Our cell phone number: 050-578-1070

Best wishes for a G・mar hatima tova. May it be a year of joy, good health, and peace for all.

The Greenberg Family

Directions to JJ's grave-site at Har Hamenuchot Cemetery in the Givat Shaul section of Jerusalem.:

From Tel Aviv: Take the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway [# 1] until the Sakharov Gardens Intersection, which is a few minutes before the entrance to Jerusalem proper. Take a right turn at the exit.

From Jerusalem: Take the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway [#1]. Stay in the left lane and take a left turn at the Sakharov Gardens Intersection [two or three minutes after leaving the city.]

From Sakharov Gardens Intersection:

Continue uphill along Rehov David Azoulai to Rechov Givat Shaul [first light].

Turn right onto Rechov Givat Shaul and continue one block to the sign for Bet Ha・Hesped, the funeral hall.

Turn right toward Bet Ha・Hesped. [The street sign simply says, "the Jerusalem Municipal Maintenance Authority", referring to the complex of buildings along the right side of the street].

When you reach Bet Ha・hesped, which is a large hall, do not turn left in front of it. Instead, continue straight ahead so that Beth Ha・hesped will be on your left and the Municipality complex will be on your right.

Immediately, you will see the gates of the Har Tamir section of the cemetery.

Continue through the gates straight down the hill to the bottom, [appr. 200 feet] where the road widens on your right into a small parking bay.

Park your car in the center of the parking bay. You will see JJ・S grave in front of you. It is easy to identify by the large number of stones on it and by a stone bench alongside.

JJ's grave site is located at Gush Taf Tzadi, Helkah Bet [or Section 490, Division 2].

JJ's 3rd yarhzeit will be on Monday night, October 10, 2005, 8 Tishrei 5765 at Kehilat Yedidya, 12 Nahum Lifshitz st, Jerusalem.

19:30 Kabbalat panim

20:15 The annual J.J. Greenberg Memorial Lecture given by Prof. Aviezer Ravitsky on:
?Sanctity of Life and the Binding of Isaac; The disagreement between the scholars of Sepharad and Ashkenaz?

20:45 Family remarks
Sacha Greenberg, Eitan Weil, Rabbi Yitz Greenberg


Please note:
We will be going up to J.J.'s kever on Tuesday morning, October 11, 8 Tishrei at 8:30 a.m.

S/A/R Academy is dedicating its high school in J.J.'s memory. The ceremony will be on June 7th, 2005 at S/A/R Academy in Riverdale, at 7:30 pm.

Located at: 5900 Netherland Avenue, Riverdale, NY 10471

Mailing Address 655 West 254th Street, Riverdale, NY 10471

Phone:718-548-2727 Fax:718-548-4400 info@sarhighschool.org

Please view the invitation

A concert celebrating JJ's life was sponsored by the Makor/Steinhardt Center and the 92nd Street Y. The concert took place on Thursday, Oct 28, 2004, 8:00pm at the 92nd Street Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue in New York City.

Makor leadership and staff have planned a beautiful and exciting program, one most fitting to JJ's memory. Please view the invitation [front and back].


JJ's 2nd yarhzeit was on September 23, 2004 when there was an Aliyah to his kever at Har HaMenuchot.

In addition, there was a commemorative gathering at Kehilat Yedidya, 12 Nahum Lifshitz st, Jerusalem.


8:00 pm - Remembering JJ

1st Annual JJ Greenberg Memorial Lecture:
Dr. Aviad Hacohen
Topic: New Light on Halakhic Ways of Resolving the Agunah Problem
(In the anticipation of the publication of his new book, The Tears of the Oppressed Ktav, New York 2004)

Shiur on the concept of Teshuva according to Rabbi Soloveitchik's Halakhic Man by Rabbi Yitz Greenberg

JJ's 1st yarhzeit was on October 4, Shabbat Shuva. There were two events that commemorated his Yarhtzeit, one in Israel and one in New York.

ISRAEL - On Wednesday October 8, 2003 a memorial took place at the new Yedidya Shul, in Bakaa, Jerusalem. Speakers included:

* Goody Greenberg, J.J.'s sister. Click here to read Goody's speech.
* Judah Richman, a friend of J.J.'s. Click here to read Judah's speech.
* Alissa Fried Harbater, a friend of J.J.'s. Click here to read Alissa's speech.
* Shimon Shoshani, of Birthright Israel, a work colleague of J.J.'s. Click here to read Shimon Shoshani's speech.

NEW YORK - On Sunday October 26, 2003 a memorial took place at The Jewish Center, in Manhattan.


A sweeping range of memorials honoring JJ's memory have been set up or are in process. This variety reflects the unusual breadth of JJ's interests and impact on people.


Kolot, the center for Leadership study in Israel, has dedicated it's IDF officer study group to the beloved memory of JJ Greenberg.
This group of 20 high ranked officers are studying the theme of "The limits of Power".

This program includes 250 hours of Jewish text study, and deals with some of the most crucial ethical dilemmas the army is going through at this time.

Kolot's annual calender on the theme "Thinking of Power" was dedicated to JJ as well.

B'racha Ve'shalom
Moti Bar-or

on behalf of the Kolot Board and staff

In anticipation of the first yarzeit of J.J., ITIM: The Jewish-Life Information Center has republished the Hebrew guide "Burial and Mourning: Traditional and Legal Dimensions," with a dedication in memory of J.J. The guide will be distributed for free to thousands of mourning families during the coming year and serves as a reservoir of practical information and traditional perspectives on Jewish burial and mourning. Copies of the guide in Hebrew, English and Russian can be ordered for no charge from the ITIM website, www.itim.org.il.

ITIM's founder and director, Rabbi Seth Farber, was a close friend of J.J.'s for more than 30 years. J.J. had closely observed the founding of ITIM, and had strongly encouraged its mission of empowering Jewish Israelis in Jewish Life.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Seth (Shaul) Farber at shaul@itim.org.il

Position Paper

Rabbi Dr. Adam S. Ferziger, a professor at Bar Ilan University and congregational rabbi in Kfar Sava (and a long-time friend of JJ's and the Greenberg family), has recently published "Training American Orthodox Rabbis to Play a Role in Confronting Assimilation", which he has dedicated to J.J.'s memory. The position paper, written for the university's Rappaport Center for Assimilation Research and Strengthening Jewish Vitality, analyzes several existing institutional models for training rabbinic leaders to deal with the increasingly severe problem, and suggests strategies for the future.


"Man in Motion" by Nathan Bigman: Music composed in J.J.'s memory

YUSSR Fifth Annual Breakfast

Yeshiva and University Students for the Spiritual Revival of Soviet Jewry (YUSSR) honored the memory of JJ at a breakfast on June 8th, 2003 at The Ramaz Upper School 60 East 78th Street in New York City. Here is an excerpt of the letter that accompanied the invitation:

On Sunday June 8th, YUSSR celebrated another year of achievements at the YUSSR Fifth Annual Breakfast. During the past thirteen years, you and hundreds of other committed volunteers have devoted significant time and effort to furthering the mission of YUSSR, allowing it to grow from a modest group of passionate students into an established organization with immeasurable accomplishments.

This year we had the privilege of honoring the memory of JJ Greenberg, one of YUSSR's first volunteers, by inaugurating the JJ Greenberg z"l Volunteer of the Year Award. As a pioneer of YUSSR's activities, JJ helped build its foundation for the future. In 1990, the first year of YUSSR's existence, JJ spent several months in Tallin, teaching classes in the Jewish school and running programs in the synagogue. He returned to Tallin numerous times to spend Jewish holidays with the community and to mentor less experienced volunteers. JJ's desire to connect to each and every individual in a very real way was unparalleled; to bridge the language gap, he learned to speak Russian. As a model of Jewish leadership and living, JJ was an inspiration to us all. By honoring future volunteers who embody JJ's midot, sincerity, and remarkable character, we hope that this award will be a fitting tribute to his memory in years to come.

On the Occasion of the Inauguration of the JJ Greenberg z?l Volunteer of the Year Award of the YUSSR the following remarks were given by Rabbi Yitz Greenberg.

For more information, please see the yussr website www.yussr.org

Salute to Israel Parade

The Salute to Israel Parade this year, which took place on June 1st, 2003, featured for the first time a skating group along with its many marching groups, bands, and floats. JJ was an avid roller skater. He never missed an Israeli Day parade and always tried to get everyone he knew to show support for Israel. Roller skaters and 'Bladers, in JJ-inspired attire, skated as a group for Israel and in memory of JJ. Hopefully, this will bring in a new contingent of marchers for Israel.

View some pictures:

Download Flier


On Sunday, April 13th friends, families and staff of Yad Rachel joined together to dedicate the sports courtyard in memory of JJ. Shulamith Navon, head of Steinhardt Foundation in Israel, shared some memories of J.J.

Lili Weil's remarks at the Yad Rachel dedication.

The courtyard was made possible by a generous grant from the Steinhardt Foundation in Israel.


The Jewish Funders Network will be presenting an award which seeks to honor a foundation professional who, like J.J., represents the ultimate integration of Jewish service and values in contemporary society. And, one outstanding young professional at a time, the Network will be strengthening the foundation upon which rests the emerging field of Jewish philanthropy and, indeed, of the future of the Jewish people. The Network will be doing its part to respond to all of the confusion around us, to use the life J.J. led as a beacon for others and to firmly establish J.J. as the role model for all foundation professionals. more

The J.J. Greenberg Memorial Foundation and J.J.'s BMT class of 1983- 84 are establishing an annual scholarship for a high school graduate to attend an institution of higher learning in Israel. The awardee will be a student in Etz Chaim NCSY who best exemplifies J.J.'s passions through their community service. The award will be presented each year at the awards ceremony of the Spring Regional Shabbaton by either a family member, BMT 1983-84 alumni or the Regional Administration in order to honor and preserve J.J.'s memory in perpetuity.


1. SAR High School in Riverdale. By a vote of its Board, the nascent SAR High School will be identified as "dedicated to the memory of JJ Greenberg". JJ was a graduate of SAR Academy (Elementary School), where he spent the happiest years of his educational life. SAR is an "open" school (without walls), focusing on the uniqueness and individual worth of each student. The school combines a strong emphasis on ethics (Ben Adam L'Chavero) and Gemilut Chassadim with a deep commitment to Zionism and Clal Yisrael. JJ -and thousands of SAR graduates -- long regretted that no SAR High School existed when they graduated. For its part, the school leadership sees JJ as a role model for the kind of Jewish human being it hopes to nurture among its students.

2. The Yeshiva of Bat Ayin in Gush Etzion, Israel is constructing a new neighborhood within the yishuv for its students and will be naming it "Tzur Natan Yosef" after JJ. The Yeshiva program combines rigorous Talmudic study with Chassidut, Kabalah, and spirituality, especially in the spirit of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav. Uniquely, the school affirms the importance of university study, Army service, and devotion to Clal Yisrael, and is also developing a women's study track.

3. Steinhardt Jewish Campus Service Corps (currently 92 fellows strong) has created a nationwide program, the "Kindness Initiative" in memory of JJ. The corps consists of graduates who spend a year (or two years in the case of Senior Fellows) serving as outreach workers to their Jewish campus peers. The Kindness Initiative program seeks to engage the whole campus in extensive programs of deeds of loving kindness. This novel idea has been enthusiastically received by campus administrations and students.


4. A book on JJ's life, tentatively titled, "JJ Greenberg: A Life For Example." is being commissioned by an important Jewish charitable foundation. The book will be authored by noted biographer William Novak.

5. CLAL - The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, has dedicated its 2002 publication, "Where We Stand: Jewish Reflections on Everyday Spaces" to JJ's memory. The book combines photography and text to explore everyday spaces as places where we touch the sacred.


6. JJ Greenberg Memorial Foundation - The J.J. Greenberg Memorial Foundation has been established to carry on the values and lessons of his life. He possessed a deep respect for all human beings, strong Jewish pride, and a great love for Israel. These values were expressed through acts of thoughtfulness and loving-kindness, giving of himself in personal service, work in Jewish outreach and renewal, a love of children, and care for the environment. The foundation will initiate and support specific projects in his spirit that advance these values and continue his work. The foundation address is: The JJ Greenberg Memorial Foundation, 459 Columbus Avenue, Suite 221, New York, NY, 10024. The foundation is a 501c and contributions are tax deductible.
Stay in touch with this site for further information and developments.

7. The Jewish Funders Network is creating an award, bearing JJ's name, to recognize young Jewish professionals who combine Jewish commitment, creativity, and exemplary human relations and make an outstanding contribution to the renaissance of the American Jewish community. The prize will include a cash award and certification.

8. The Natan Foundation has been created in JJ's name (Natan Yosef Greenberg) and memory to link young professionals who seek to pool resources and jointly support projects in Jewish philanthropy. The initiator of the project, Sender Cohen (working with two co-founders, David Steinhardt and Mike Steinberg) had consulted extensively with JJ in the original formulation of the concept. It will combine group study and the funding of innovative, creative, and socially meaningful Jewish projects as a method of educating younger professionals to become serious philanthropists and more Jewishly knowledgeable in the process.


9. Two siblings and two friends of JJ's who have had children since his death have chosen to name them after him - perhaps in reflection of his love for children as well as his friendship and love of life:

Moshe and Abbie Greenberg, JJ's brother and sister-in-law, gave birth to a second baby girl who they named Naava Netanya ("nun, nun" in Hebrew spells JJ).

Julia Joy David (whose proud parents are Deborah and Jonathan David, JJ's sister and brother -in-law) not only bares the initials JJ, her Hebrew name is Noa Yael (for "nun, yud" JJ's Hebrew initials were "nun, yud", Natan Yosef).

Joshua and Elizabeth Scheinfeld of Chicago named their son Lewis JJ Scheinfeld, Natan Yosef Eliezer in Hebrew, and are calling him JJ.

Alexandra Mandel and her husband, Jeff Schwartz, have named one of their newly born twin daughters Ava Joy. Alexandra explained that the J in Joy summons JJ's initials even as the name Joy celebrates JJ's zest for life.


Givat Haviva - an organization in Israel dedicated to Peace, and strengthening Israeli Jewish and Arab friendship will be placing a memorial plaque for JJ in its new Abba Kovner Memorial Center in acknowledgment of a gift from Edith and Henry Everett.

The Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA) has published a pocket siddur dedicated to JJ's memory.

The daily study of mishnayot at the Riverdale Jewish Center has been dedicated to JJ's memory. Conducted by Rabbi Dov Zlotnick, this new cycle of the six orders of Mishnah began on Shabbat Parshat Bereshit.

The Targum Shlishi Foundation and the Aryeh and Raquel Rubin Foundation are setting up the JJ Greenberg Torah Lending Service, which will lend Sifrei Torah to quorums in need of them. A brief bio of JJ's life and values will be read each time the torahs are used.

The Targum Shlishi Foundation and the Aryeh and Raquel Rubin Foundation have also endowed the JJ Greenberg Memorial Lecture Series, which will promote excellence in Jewish Education in the Miami area.

Bar Ilan University is planning a Yom Iyun in JJ's memory on the subject of organ donation and Halakhah.

JJ's friends from his year in BMT are organizing a Shabatton in his memory, which will take place on the weekend of February 7-9, in Somerset, N.J.

"JJ's Night", a musical evening in JJ's memory is being planned by David Winter and the Makor musical staff. The evening will feature the work of up-and-coming artists.

"A Weekly Byte...from Israelight", an email Parshat Shavua shiur by Rabbi Binny Friedman was dedicated to JJ's memory for the Book of Bereshit.

The JJ Greenberg Memorial Exemplar of Excellence award was given to Jeff Swartz, President, and CEO of The Timberland Company in recognition of his vision for justice and loving kindness. Mr. Swartz received this honor on Sunday December 15th, 2002, at the Doral Forrestal Conference Center in Princeton, NJ. The award is sponsored by Hillel's Steinhardt Jewish Campus Service Corps and The Kolker-Saxon-Hallock Family Foundation.


On October 15th, Jewish Life Network/Steinhardt Foundation held a memorial at Makor/Steinhardt Center of the 92nd St Y for JJ?s colleagues and senior staff of the foundations grantees.

Four eulogies were presented that day. Please click on the name in order to view the respective remarks:

Michael Steinhardt
David Winter
Rabbi David Gedzelman
Rabbi Yitz Greenberg

For further contact information on any of these projects or institutions, please contact us.

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