JJ Greenberg
In memory of JJ Greenberg

JJ Greenberg Memorial Award - 2020 Winner

The 2020 J.J. Greenberg Young Leadership Award for Europe goes to Dubi Michael Glikman!

Torat Chayim is proud to award the J.J. Greenberg Torat Chayim Young Leadership Award for Europe to Dubi Michael Glikman of Berlin for his work in creating community around the Shabbat table. In the words of Torat Chayim rabbinic member Rabbi Rebecca Blady of Base BERLIN:

"Dubi is a phenomenal leader for students and young adults living in Berlin. He is currently leading a program called "Host-It," a project of Morasha in Berlin, which encourages young people to host their own shabbat dinner. He is passionate about providing them with education and tools to expand young Jews' knowledge and abilities to make Judaism a part of their lives. He is one of the first residents of a new home-based organization through Morasha and frequently hosts young people at home for inspiring programs that he often creates on his own. Dubi has a proven track record of chessed work and encouraging other Jewish students and young adults to participate in chessed. Most notably, Dubi has assisted in organizing clothing drives and food donation to the needy in Berlin over the past couple of years and feels strongly about involving as many people as possible in these initiatives."